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Thinking People’s Furniture - Picket & Rail Singapore

Headquartered at Upper Thomson, Singapore, Picket&Rail is a leading furniture retailer that has gained a good reputation in a tough market. The company had been operating for more than a decade since its beginning in year 2003, 13 years to be precise. FFE talks to Faisal Alsagoff, the CEO of the company about his business and market.


Pilipino Design For The World - Ito Kish

Ito Kish, a rising designer from the Philippines, has been making waves in the design circle. He shares with
FFE his design philosophy and the ideas that helped bring to life some of his award winning collections.

Business Issue

Effective Communicationsin Meetings

The authors came across this very meaning article, “Three secrets every business needs to know”. What is mentioned is so truthful and yet corporations big or small often neglect the paramount importance of effective communications in meetings.

Talking point


NECC, HongQiao, Shanghai, China
7-10 September 2016


SNIEC, Pudong, Shanghai, China
8-11 September 2016

Market Outlook  

Current Status Of Asia’s Furniture Production And Markets

This analysis looks specifically at some core strengths and individual challenges of the furniture industry in Southeast Asia and China and at their markets, for the two are closely interlinked.

US Furniture Insights  

Executive Summary (August 2016 Report)

The results of our recent survey of residential furniture manufacturers and distributors were a bit surprising. After new orders in July were 5 percent lower than July 2015 orders, August 2016 orders increased 6 percent over August 2015 orders. We think that maybe there was a timing issue between the two months.

Special Supplement   

Asia’s Key Furniture FairsHighlight

The exhibition industry plays a crucial role in the global furniture trade. Over the years, it has proven its importance in facilitating the growth and development of furniture businesses worldwide. Fairs are excellent settings not only for the buying and selling of products, they serve as natural platforms for the exchange of information, be it during the show or after hours over meals and drinks.