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American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) is a trade and industry association. It is an international trade and non-for-profit association with its headquarters in Washington DC, with five overseas offices of which two are in Asia – Hong Kong and Osaka.


Business Beats Politics in Russia

Foreign companies, which want to boost their sales in the Russian market today, should make a detailed research of the situation and have a clear idea of who is who in Russian furniture distribution and retail.


No Nonsense Design - Morten Georgsen

A Champion of Minimalism, Morten Georgsen is a highly regarded Danish furniture designer. The creator of many successful designs with international success, he is the founder of By Georgsen, a design studio based in Valencia, Spain. This highly creative gentleman shares his design journey, what makes him tick and some of his many inspirations with FFE.

Market Outlook  

World Furniture Outlook on Global Markets 2017

In the last ten years world trade of furniture (defined as the average between total furniture exports from the 70 major countries and total furniture imports into the 70 major countries) has grown faster than furniture production and has consistently amounted to about 1% of world trade of manufactures.


Technopreneurship in The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Technopreneur of the 1st industrial revolution emphasizing on mechanization is history; for 2nd industrial revolution the focus is on mass production is passé; for 3rd industrial revolution the competitive advantage is through computer and automation is unsustainable. By 2020, we enter the 4th industrial revolution.


Certification, Licencing and Trade Regulations for Wood Products

Decades ago, concern for the future of rain forests was the centre of a straight fight between environmental NGOs and the timber industry, with consumers left confused on the side-lines.