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The March trade shows inSouth-East Asia and China

Southeast Asia, Guangzhou, Shanghai: the furniture fairs of March are a good opportunity to understand the evolution of the market in those areas.


The Baby & The Bathwater: Build on What You Know

Agile is the hot new work process and it’s difficult to ignore. With a work methodology that boasts productivity improvements, enhanced effectiveness, and fulfilling work for its team members, it seems like a panacea.


US Furniture Insights Executive Summary (April 2018 Report)

New orders in February 2018 were 5% higher than orders in February 2017, according to our latest survey of residential furniture manufacturers and distributors.


Elevating the Stingray to Luxurious Heights - La Galuche

It has always been found in the aristocratic houses and castles of the ancien regime of France. It became all the rage in the 1930s when Art Deco reigned, as well as in the 1970s, especially with couturier Yves San Laurent, whose homes featured it.


The 2018 Furniture showsin Southeast Asia

The Singapore show (IFFS) is more than ever the main design event that attracts all those who set and follow design trends – and could be referred to as the ‘Milan’ of ASEAN.


The Third Culture

There are a handful of research papers published in this knowledge area - not because it is academically less challenging, but it is very difficult to set up the right platform for the design of experiment to arrive at a pragmatic conclusion.