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Thai Furniture

From local handmade to high-end design products of the best quality
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An event renowned for featuring top furniture makers and design talents from Thailand and overseas, TIFF is organized annually by the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), the Ministry of Commerce, in partnership with the Thai Furniture Industries Association (TFA) and the Thai Furniture Industry Club (TFIC) of the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI). Since its inception, it has remained Thailand’s grandest furniture fair and one of the most foremost in Asia in terms of design and creativity.Whether you are a designer, an architect, a furniture entrepreneur, an executive in charge of furniture purchasing for real estate projects, hotels and resorts, wholesale and retail chains, TIFF is an event you don’t want to miss.

TIFF 2016 will be held from March 9th-13th, 2016, at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani. During the first three days (Trade Days), March 9th-11th, the event will be open from 10.00 to 18.00, while during the last two days (Retail Days), March 12th-13th, the event will be open from 10.00 to 21.00.

TIFF brings new opportunities to attendees with unique products all under one roof
TIFF is truly a once-a-year opportunity to meet with furniture business operators from all around Thailand. It is a major platform for leading furniture companies, producers, entrepreneurs, exporters, importers, designers and operators of related businesses to showcase their latest innovations and services.

TIFF Is One Journey to visit the Entire South East Asian Region for Inspiration and Design
TIFF promises to be a one-stop venue for you to discover new inspirations in design and decor. This is a must attend event for all businesses to find a unique array of design breakthroughs that are ecofriendly and that represent a perfect combination of time-treasured culture, meticulous selection of raw materials and unmatched Thai craftsmanship. The timing of the TIFF Show is aligned with other shows in the ASEAN.

Data presented at the Malaysian shows indicate that about 45% of Malaysian furniture exports are shipped to North America with low priced Rubberwood as the main business. That is not a design led trade, and may partly explain the lack of progress that the industry has made in organic design, despite calls for years from government Ministers to improve it. That could be an objective linked to new promotional initiatives that are known to be in the pipeline. One interesting proposal made at the opening.

An exhibition for all furniture products from local handmade to high-end design products of the best quality. A major platform for leading furniture companies, producers, entrepreneurs, exporters, importers, designers and entrepreneurs of related business to showcase their latest collections and new ideas.

A great opportunity to expand your business in one of the fastest growing and emerging regions of the world with a population of 600 million.

To meet buyers, importers, designer, developer and owner of a furniture showroom from Japan, USA, EU, ASEAN, India, Middle East, Africa, Australia etc.

Free business matching by the Department of International Trade Promotion
“Thai manufacturing is not about mass production, but more about mass customization. There is not a huge factory assembly line at most Thai SMEs, but rather individuals who are proud of their work and pay attention to the details of each product leaving the warehouse… MyThaiDesign had the pleasure of visiting the Deesawat factory in Bangkok. On the premises we met many of the workers, donning their Thai smiles, and working diligently on each individual piece of furniture.

Also heartwarming is the notion that there is no waste coming from this factory. Small pieces of wood are stacked according to size for custom projects or designs created specifically to utilize the off cuts from another larger piece. And the tiny pieces are ground down to make incense. Great resource management.

Many companies you will find at TIFF 2011, such as O.K. Wood, have similar practices as Deesawat. When you buy Thai design from them you are buying creations that have had individual attention from a human, not a machine, and as forerunners in green manufacturing, it is a double feel-good factor.

Thai furniture may not be the least expensive on the market, however it is unique and the quality is unbeatable. www.mythaidesign.com

Thailand International Furniture Fair 2016
Thailand’s awe-inspiring furniture exposition featuring spectacular and innovative furniture collections inspired by lifestyles of ASEAN people – most of which are made from locally available materials.

Fact Sheet
Date & Time : March 9 – 13, 2016
Trade days: March 9 – 11, 2016 (10.00 – 18.00 hrs.)
Venue : Challenger, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok, Thailand

Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce 44/100 Nonthaburi 1 Rd., Bangkrasor, AmphurMuang, Nonthaburi 11000 Thailand
Tel. +66 2507 8363 Fax. +66 2547 4281, +66 2547 4266 Email : tiff@ditp.go.th
Website : http://www.thailandfurniturefair.com, http://www.thaitradefair.com

Thai Furniture Industry Club, The Federation of Thai Industries
Tel. +662345 1269-70 Fax. +662345 1281-83

The Thai Furniture Industries Association
Tel. +99 2973 3411-2Fax. +66 2973 3413

‘SOOK’ – an ideal solution for small projects of super-sized ideas
Boutique Hotels
Your name it!

‘SOOK’ stands for Small Orders OK
The SOOK campaign is dedicated to furniture projects that are ‘small’ in scale yet ‘gigantic’ in ideas. If you wish to create a furniture project of a personalized design but the order is small and overlooked by giant manufacturers, the SOOK campaign at TIFF is exactly what you are looking for.

SOOK happens to mean happiness in the Thai language. It is a thoughtful marketing concept by a group of Thai manufacturers who will cordially cater to every order, no matter how small that may be.TIFF has been promoting since some years the unique SOOK theme to make buyers with specific needs and with small orders feel welcomed. With the SOOK policy, you can make your niche orders with specialized requirements, and of course, in small orders the way you need them. This policy has proven to be especially popular among niche market customers such as boutique hotels or resorts, as well as, contract projects.

Simply look for exhibitors with the SOOK logo at TIFF, and they will help you fulfill your niche project in the most satisfying way.

Design Excellence Award (DEmark)
The prestigious Design Excellence Award (DEmark) recognizes ingenious innovation and outstanding original design by Thai designers. Created in 2008, it is held in conjunction with the Export Award which is presented annually by the Prime Minister under the auspices of the Office of Product Value Development, Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, Royal Thai Government. The winning product receives the DEmark logo to reflect it’s outstanding design, which can be used to mark the product’s distinguished quality, to add value to Thai products and to promote well-designed products in the international market. A special area in TIFF is dedicated to feature award-winners. A different theme is introduced each year.

Thailand Trust Mark
The Essence of Excellence

In the marketing world, big words and bold graphics are tossed around to entice customers. However, in the international trade arena where quality is paramount, one needs to be able to look beyond advertising campaigns and find a reliable means to measure merit.

No matter how one defines quality, it is always reassuring to have a benchmark that can gauge the essence of excellence. To facilitate this process, Thailand Trust Mark was created under the Royal Thai Government, through the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce.

Thailand Trust Mark is a symbol of excellence and trusted quality that was established to add distinctive value to Thai products and services that are made in Thailand. It is a guarantee of trustworthy origin and quality. Furniture manufacturers having attained this symbol of credibility are regarded to have high quality standards and high values towards the issues of environmental and social responsibility.

Thailand Trust Mark gives you trusted quality. It gives assurance that Thai products and services with the TTM symbol offer world-class excellence including social and environmental responsibility. Reassuringly, it is supported by the Royal Thai Government. When you see the TMM symbol, you can be confident that you are getting the best quality of goods and services Thailand has to offer.

Thai local handmade to high-end design of the best quality