Welcome, Nature!

Paola Govoni of CSIL – Centre for Industrial Studies – Milan, Italy, reports on ‘Nature’ as a timeless decorative language in our living spaces.

Photo 9. The new version of ICON by Ernestomeda. Design Giuseppe Bavuso

Design of living spaces reflects our individual needs and wishes. In today’s fast changing world, we are increasingly aware, that wellbeing is a relevant issue in our life, both at home and at work. When it comes to interior design and decor trends, Nature is an ‘evergreen’ language involving colours, textures, haptic sensorial accents, and magic patterns, that still reminds us of the uncomparable beauty of our environment.


Riva1920 – Italian furniture manufacturer since 95 years – has been always deserving special attention to the use of wood as a natural material, in a mix of tradition, culture, creativity and innovation. The company features products in Briccola wood, made out of the mooring posts coming from the Venetian lagoon, and creates impressive tables like KAURI BEAM, design C.R.&S. Riva1920 (photo 1), using the oldest and biggest logs in the world, the thousandyear- old Kauri wood (Agathis Australis) from New Zealand, together with other “classical” wood such as walnut, oak and cedar, the last one as a traditional wood to be reinterpreted through new forms.

Photo 1. KAURI BEAM, table. Design C.R.&S. Riva1920
Photo 4. UNOPIU’ flagship store in Milan Brera Design District

Photo 6. 9900 E_SPIRIT BOOK by Vibieffe scenographically staged

During Salone del Mobile.Milano last April, Riva1920 presented a new collection of furniture in cooperation with the car company Lamborghini. Designed by Karim Rashid, the collection called ‘Authentic Living’ includes: a desk, a bookshelf, a chair, a coffe table and a sofa. It is characterized by sinuous and stylish shapes, by fine workmanship and by the use of natural and genuine materials, such as walnut solid wood and black leather, with natural oil and vegetable wax finish, and pine extracts. DYNAMIK is a sofa with wooden shell with shelf running support along the entire perimeter and unique cushions for seat and back characterized by visible stitching (photo 2), while FINESSE is a bookshelf made of solid wood, featuring asymmetrical supports in curved and shaped plywood covered with leather, with six shelves made of solid walnut in 5 cm thickness.


A pebble thrown in the water is a skill challenge for adults and children, who make it skip across the surface of a lake. A pebble, with its imperfect regularity, has now become a piece of furniture with the GALET design by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba presented by Giorgetti at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2017.

This is the idea behind a series of low tables with a base in leather and a top available in ash with different finishes, ranging from natural to grey anthracite, but also lacquered with a special polished, striped finish shaded with 6 colours, in crystal and the most luxurious marble varieties: gold Calacatta, Portoro, Zerbino and Belvet Brown (photo 3).

Photo 2. Riva1920. DYNAMIC, sofa. Design Karim Rashid


Milan’s Brera Design District hosts the flagship store of UNOPIU’, a leading Italian manufacturer of outdoor furniture. For the occasion of the April Design Week, the store has been especially fitted out with a touch of ‘Orange’ (photo 4). The new creative “Design Your Garden” was displayed with two of this season’s iconic pieces: the modular DEAUVILLE sofa (photo 5) designed by Meneghello & Paolelli Associati and the CAMP COT truckle bed by the eclectic Australian designer Jamie Durie. New items and best sellers were on dispaly in the store with a rich collection of accessories and decorations. Among these for the first time the “BAOBAB” candles in various sizes, colours and flavours, while “OIKOS Fragranze” inaugurated a journey of olfactory design for open air wellbeing embracing the senses.

E_SPIRIT BOOK 9900 is the essence of the 2017 collection designed by Gianluigi Landoni for Vibieffe, Italian furniture manufacturer based in Lissone/Brianza. The company presented its collection in a nice ambience at Salone del Mobile.Milano (photo 6).


A setting designed by Alessandro La Spada for the Italian marble and natural stone manufacturer Antolini discloses a fluent language in the use of materials, leading to a combination of specific elements creating an all-encompassing atmosphere (photo 7). A fascinating play of soft nuances from light blue to ivory, beige and white, highlights the surface textures as a background generating a sculptural effect. The floor made in Taj Mahal stone - leather finish – creates a reflecting layer from which, like on a lake’s surface, the volumes emerge as being floating at the centre of the space. The walls in Taj Mahal stone – polished finish – are characterized by horizontal lines creating a rough natural effect in contrast with the polished surface, thanks to the Quartzite Cielo (stratos, polished and hydrosoft finish) and its impalpable chromatic hint, resulting in a sculptural light effect which increases the expressive beauty of the natural stone.

The ‘ORGANIC’ sculpture designed by Raffaello Galiotto for the Italian company Margraf (Photo 8) witnesses the possibility of working stone and marble in unprecedented ways, thus enhancing both the power of stone and its versatile presence in the space.

The new version of ICON presented by the Italian kitchen manufacturer Ernestomeda is a ‘natural looking’ kitchen featuring Deluxe wood of distinctive beauty like Vintage Oak and Quercus Oak and flamed Piasentina Stone, a natural stone with otustanding physical and mechanical properties in a delicate nuance of neutral colours. Design Giuseppe Bavuso (Photo 9).

Photo 2. Riva1920. DYNAMIC, sofa. Design Karim Rashid

Photo 5. DEAUVILLE, sofa by Meneghello e Paolelli for UNOPIU’

Photo 7. Natural stone installation for Antolini at BAU Munich 2017

Photo 8. The Power of Stone. ‘Organic’ by Margraf. Design Raffaello Galiotto


Krion Eco-Active Solid Technology® is the revolutionary step made by Krion® (photo 10) in the Solid Surface world. The new Krion® Eco- Active technology presented by Porcelanosa gives the material many new properties based on the natural phenomenon of photocatalysis. An innovative and exclusive worldwide product (now under patent) is thus obtained, in harmony with nature, durable in time and with a direct effect on quality of life. This is not a simple surface treatment and there is no dangerous component.

Krion® Eco-Active’s new technology introduces in the product a range of activators developed specifically for Krion®, which give these new properties to Krion® Eco-Active in presence of any kind of light: air purification, antibacterial power, self-cleaning and elimination of chemical products.

Because of the pollution, in the atmosphere and in our homes there are some dangerous gases for humans and nature, such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur oxides (SOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). When these gases are in contact with the surface of Krion® Eco-Active, a chemical degradation reaction produces harmless elements such as mineral salts and water. The air purification activity has been tested, both in indoor and outdoor environments, by finding that 1 sq. m. of new K-LIFE is capable of purifying the amount of air that 6.5 people breath in one year.