Product Feature  

Bedroom Furniture

1. BBT 6220 Bedroom Set
An elegant collection finished with suave black faux leather, this bedroom set features a glamourous crystal-studded motif throughout. The well thought-out ornamentation lends flawless charisma, chic volume and a touch of luxury to any bedroom setting.

2. Sharky
An amino-coated compilation infused with eye-catching colours and cartoon characters, Sharky is designed to capture a child’s imagination. Offering to take little ones on a journey through discovery, the set comes in two hues; blue and white.

3. Cosmopolitan Premium
Eurosa’s Cosmopolitan Premium Home Collection is an exquisite showcase of wooded bedroom classics. This timeless anthology brings to the fore the Vic Bed, a signature component constructed from fine Birch to encapsulate pure, delicate artistry.

4. California Series
Boasting a celestial mix of simplicity and style, the highly desirable California Series by Fair Production paints a picture of comfort and tranquillity. Elegantly set in two unique shades, the genteel Walnut offering is just as redeeming as the bold Espresso variant.

5. Dream Kingdom
Due to its increased elevation, the Dream Kingdom bed set comes with two miniature stools to help one climb into comfort before succumbing to a night of unhindered slumber. Meanwhile, its lavishly-crafted headboard is a glossy display of goldplated studs for a stunning finish.

6. Jeanie White
Against a solid background decked up with a hint of vibrant hues, the Jeanie White is a glorious formation of bedroom antics which boast a clean and regal finish. The collection is perfect for home decorators seeking a calming bedroom atmosphere.

7. Poole Upholstery Bed SL9750-22
Equipped with a solid wood frame and upholstered in slipcover with a knife edge stitch, this Vintage Collection is a specialty make designed by Luay Al-Rawi. Lining the headboard is a long back cushion for optimum pleasure and relaxation.

8. Actipro III Ecogreen
Actipro is not just the right choice for doing away with allergens. The natural solution for allergies, the probiotics embedded into the mattress’s core discourages the spread of bacteria whilst eliminating unpleasant odours.

9. Louis Phillipe II
Simplistic in nature and with antique-style design characteristics, the Louise Philippe II bedroom set is made from solid rubber wood and sold in three different colours; cherry, black and white. Overall, it is a flavourful concept.

10. Ming
For a sensual Oriental feel, the Ming collection is an excellent choice. Infusing gentle accents into its design, the set accentuates the natural feel of the bedroom. Made from solid rubber wood, it is available in dark walnut.

11. Heritage Storage Bed
A solid wood production ideal for the European and American palate, the Heritage Storage Bed draws its appeal from its natural hues and authentic charms. Promising comfort and pleasant dreams, it is in every way a regal selection.

12. Diesis Leather Sleigh Bed
Featuring subtle curves in the headand footboard, this innovative classic production presents a stylish solution for any bedroom. The bed-set is beautifully finished off in white, brown or black PU leather and exposes one’s creative streak.