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2nd China Xianghe International Home Furnishing Cultural Festival 2013

For many who are uninitiated , the size of some of the furniture hubs in China are unfathomable. Members of the International Alliance of Furnishing Publications (IAFP) were recently invited to the second China Xianghe International Furniture Cultural Festival where we witnessed in person the huge scale of North China’s largest and ever-growing furniture centre

Li Yuge, Vice Mayor of Xianghe County with Linda Tu of CNFA and other guests at the Opening Ceremony

International Home Furnishing Cultural Festival” kicked off in Xianghe County, Hebei Province in China on 28th April 2013. The objectives of the festival were to promote Xianghe furniture trade and industry, increase its visibility and boost awareness and extend its influence.

The Northern Furniture Capital Of China. Co-hosted by the China National Furniture Association, Heibei Province Furniture Association and Xianghe Furniture City Management Committee, the Second “China Xianghe International Home Furnishing Cultural Festival” was held from 28 April 2013 to 3 May 2013 for a total of six-days.

The festival specially hosted more than 1,000 business representatives from 30 provinces (cities and autonomous regions), heads of industry and trade associations from all over China, international press and local media as well as delegates from various embassies and trade consultates. Visitors were wowed by an impressive display of the local furniture industry and trade.

Concurrent activities included the International Promotion Conference of Xianghe Furniture Industry, Xianghe furniture Industry Investment Meeting, the Xianghe Agricultural Product launches, Xianghe Housing Exhibition and the Meeting of the China National Furniture Association and Hebei Furniture Association.

Peripheral activities included Xianghe folk culture performances, furniture history and culture exhibition, Xianghe Patties Competition and Feature Cuisine Exhibition.

Located in the Hebei Province, Xianghe is convenient reached as it is situated only 45km from Beijing and 75km from Tianjin. Since development of its furniture business first started more than a decade ago, the county has enjoyed meteoric rise to become North China’s largest furniture hub. The total scale has currently exceeded 2.6 million square meters with the Asia-Pacific Material City covering more than 400,000 square meters. The industry continues to grow rapidly in size and strength.

Opening Ceremony of 2nd Xianghe Furniture Festival
Currently, Xianghe is reportedly home to more than 7,000 furniture and related companies with 1,500 well-known brands. In addition to selling to more than 10 Northern provinces and municipalities, its products are also exported with destinations in Northeast Asia, Europe, the Americas and Africa.

Sales reached 24.5 billion Yuan in 2012. The county has been awarded the “Excellent Chinese furniture industry cluster Award” by China National Furniture Association for their achievement.

A predominantly wholesale, retail and logistic hub, Xianghe is said to attract an average of 20,000 consumers to the furniture city on a daily basis. Complimentary shuttle bus services are provided during weekends and public holidays and ply between Xianghe and neighbouring cities such as Beijing, Tianjin and Tangshan.

The International Home Furnishing Cultural Festival was concluded successfully. According to the organisers, the event presented concrete evidence of county government’s great effort to build Xianghe as “the furniture capital of China”, striving towards greater heights for its modern industrial strength and creating a town that also provides a good mixture of leisure and business.

The Xianghe county government has poured great amount of resources towards the development of its furniture trade and industry. Its efforts and focus on long-term development for Xianghe furniture have secured the county a significant role in the Chinese and regional markets as well as move the county a giant step towards its goal of a world-class furniture centre.

Linda Tu of CNFA with members of the international press and guests

Map of Xianghe