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CAFA Work Conference held in Xianghe, China

The Council of Asian Furniture Associations (CAFA) held a work conference on April 28, 2015, in Xianghe CITICI Guoan Grand Epoch City, Hebei, China. The meeting was held alongside the 4th Xianghe Furniture Cultural Festival and was hosted by the festival organisers.

During the meeting, Zhu Changling, CAFA Chairman and Chairman of China National Furniture Association (CNFA), submitted a working proposal for the council’s activities for the second half of 2015.

Below are some activities suggested in his proposal:

The 16th Chengdu International Furniture Fair, 3 – 6 July 2015. CNFA and the Chengdu fair organisers invite CAFA members to visit the Chengdu Furniture Fair as guests and to attend the China Furniture Development (Chengdu) International Forum. CNFA and the organisers hope all CAFA country-members will actively participate in and promote both Chengdu and CAFA Member furniture trade.

As one of the organizers of China International Furniture Expo to be held in Shanghai, CNFA invites CAFA members to participate in the Asian Furniture Development Forum which will be held on September 10, 2015, during the China International Furniture Expo. It is the desire of the organisers to provide an opportunity to share, through this event with CAFA members interesting aspects such as the new designs of the Chinese domestic furniture industry, new technologies, new products. This is to enhance the overall level of the Asian furniture industry as well as to promote the exchange of information.

The 12th China-ASEAN Expo, Nanning, Guangxi, 18-21 September 2015. The organizers invite CAFA members to participate in the fair.

Zhu Changling recommended that memberassociations actively develop corporate members and suggests to invite famous enterprises to join CAFA. This is in order to better facilitate information exchange and trade exchanges across Asia.

The meeting saw active discussion on the topics raised in the Chairman’s proposal.

In addition to the work conference, CAFA representatives took part in trade meetings and other activities on the afternoon of April 28. These included visits to leading furniture malls in Xianghe. The malls visited included Goldenkey Home Furnishing, Fuhua Home Expo Center and KINGWAY Shopping Mall as well as other furniture stores.

These stores organised special business match-making for CAFA members. In addition to introductions of the store operations, presentations and discussions were held. They covered investment principles, follow-up services etc. Many CAFA representatives expressed strong willingness to cooperate with these stores and promised to communicate with their respective member companies upon their return.

The series of events were held to further promote the contacts between CAFA members, promote trade opportunities between other Asian furniture markets and China’s furniture market. It is hoped that this will help provide a better platform for the Chinese furniture industry to learn advanced management experience of Asian countries, technical process design concept.

The following attended the meeting:
Zhu Changling, Chairman, CAFA & President, China National Furniture Association;
Jirawat T, Vice Chairman, CAFA & President, Thai Timber Merchant Association, Vice Chairman, Thai Furniture Industries Association
Linda Tu Qi, Secretary General, CAFA & Director of International Department of CNFA;
Koh Soh Yan, Adviser of CAFA & President, My Home Store;
Dr Casey Loo, Adviser of CAFA & President, APS Media Group;
Byun Sang Joon, President, Korean Living Furniture Association & President, Gagu Guide
Jamal Che Murad, Vice President, Malaysia Furniture Council;
Noriyo Nagashima, Director of Overseas Department of JEFTI;
Mozaffar Alikhani, Secretary General, Iran National Council of Furniture & Decoration & Correlated Industries
Ali Mollaei, Executive Director, Iran National Council of Furniture & Decoration & Correlated Industries
Afsaneh Seifinaji, International Affairs Consultant, Iran National Council of Furniture & Decoration & Correlated Industries
Charley Wang, Director of Overseas Department, Dongguan Famous Furniture Association
Press members from Bulgaria, India, Romania and Russia