The PDP - Professional Designer Program

By Italian Consulting Pte Ltd

The global expenditure of the middleclass is expanding rapidly - and the next epicentre of this “consumer earthquake” is going to be in Asia: this is what the OECD is predicting. By 2030, Asia expenditure will weigh 32 billion US$ - three times as the current top dog, Europe. And this explosion will signify one thing: that the consumers of the future will be asking for distinction and exclusivity: design, brand and luxury.

This was the main idea that led to the development of the PDP - Professional Designers Program - a project developed by the Malaysian Furniture Promotion Council (with the consultancy of Italian Consulting Pte Ltd), to prepare the Malaysian furniture industry for the challenges of this immediate future. And the choice was to become more global, with an infusion of creativity coming from Europe to catalyze the development of original design in the country. Four renowned international designers have been the core of the project, together with eight local designers and four companies, originating an exhibit of 20 top-notch prototypes which were shown at the 2016 EFE in Kuala Lumpur - and provoking an international ripple effect of curiosity and appreciation.

linkspace Stefan Schoning

Giorgio Biscaro - an eclectic designer and currently, Art Director of Fontana Arte - is the author of two pieces, the chair Enzo for Tawei Furniture and the easy chair Cappa for Dynamic Furniture. “Cappa is a top-notch product, and an impressive development - I am amazed at the quality of the workmanship and materials and the kind of investment the company has poured into the development of the product: and also, the low final cost to the public is pretty amazing too” - he adds.

Manolo Bossi - an expert craftsman and designer who has worked for Flos, spHaus, Bosa and Skitsch - instead fell in love with the traditional elements of the Malaysian architecture: “I have developed the Palm small tables and the Moor easy chair for Deep Furniture after an immersion into Malaysia. The place is so full of beautiful elements and inspirations - the Moorish arch was the one behind my products - and the visitors and buyers “felt”, understood and appreciated this connection”.

Filippo Mambretti - designer and professor at the SSS_AA and CSIA of Chiasso, Switzerland - designed the Menaggio stool for Tawei Furniture and the Adda modular sofa system for Dynamic Furniture. “Menaggio is a barstool that exudes coolness - he says with a joking smile - you could imagine Agent 007 sipping his shakennot- stirred Martini while seated here. It’s a blend of dark wood, black leather and cast iron - in a sexy shape”.

Stefan Schöning - an expert multi-disciplinary professional who has been the 2008 Belgian Designer of the Year - has poured his extensive experience in the development of Linkspace, a series of office pods for Zone Furniture. “They are a crafty, intelligent solution to create some personal space in a busy open-office scheme and they can be seamlessly expanded and joined together. More, their inspiration comes from the traditional Malay houses on stilts, and they are ecological too: the fabric comes from the upcycling of PET bottles”.

The future is going to offer new challenges, but definitely, the Malaysian companies and institutions are preparing - hard and now - to meet them.

Adda FilippoMambretti copia

Palm ManoloBossi copia

PDP – Professional Designers Program is a long term program to develop and improve the international reach and scope for the Malaysian furniture products and companies. It is sponsored by MFPC - Malaysian Furniture Promotion Council (MFPC), a Government Agency under the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities (MPIC), and realised with with the consultancy of Italian Consulting Pte Ltd.