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Spanning 13,000 islands, Indonesia is an expansive country which lays claim to the world’s fourth largest population with an estimated 258 million people. It is also the largest economy in Southeast Asia. An attractive market somewhat under the radar until recently with the entry of furniture behemonth Ikea as well as Courts, an aggressive Southeast Asian furniture retailer with big plans for Indonesia, it is surprising there are only a handful of dominant players in country’s furniture trade. FFE talks to Ir. Dedy Rochimat MM, president of PT Gema Graha Sarana Tbk (VIVERE GROUP), one of few big names in Indonesia.

Vivere Group President - Mr Dedy Rochimat

VIVERE GROUP Listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange since 2002, PT Gema Graha Sarana Tbk is better known in the Indonesian market as VIVERE Group. Founded by Mr Dedy Rochimat, the company was started in 1984 as PT Gema Gerhana Sarana as an interior contract business. The company later ventured into manufacturing and retail as well as other related businesses and has enjoyed steady growth through the years.

VIERE Group stands for quality and world class standards, according to Rochimat. The company and its three subsidiaries (PT Laminatech Kreasi Sarana, PT Prasetiya Gema Mulia, and PT Vivere Multi Kreasi) were unified in 2005 under the VIVERE Group. With shared vision and a common mission, the group has become one of the largest companies in Indonesia that provides interior, furniture and furnishing supplies for office and residential. Seamlessly integrated by employing the SAP Business All-in-One, VIVERE Group offers a “total solution” for various types of interior projects for the different kinds of property sectors, such as office buildings, hotels, residences, educational facilities and so on.

Over the last three decades, the group has expanded alongside the growth of Indonesia, its core market. Today VIVERE has more than 1,000 employees as well as having one of few wellrecognised furniture brands in the country.

Within the VIVERE Group, the various subsidiaries cover different aspects of the interior business such as interior contracting, mechanicalelectrical services, furniture and component manufacturing, office furniture, home furnishings and fixtures retail. In terms of its manufacturing capabilities, the group currently owns five factories located in various locations in different parts of the country such as Tangerang, Cikande, Cikarang, and Cirebon. For retail, it has nine furniture and furnishing stores, one gift shop and two partner-stores located across the country. VIVERE Group’s headquarters as well as its parent entity PT Virucci Indogriya Sarana, are located in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. The group’s turnover in the year 2015 was IDR 837 billion.

According to the Rochimat, he is proud that VIVERE has successfully cultivated a trusted brand image and is the interior contractor of choice for customers that seek for quality, beauty, harmony and also high artistic value for their buildings. The brand is also present within the retail scene, offering extensive selections of home furniture, kitchen & wardrobe systems and home accessories across company-owned and partner stores in the various cities.

Specific to its retail business, VIVERE Group’s products are positioned for the middle-high to upper tier market. Focused exclusively on the local Indonesian market, the brand and the products excel in residential furniture and accessories in categories for the living, dining, bedroom, working, decor accessories. It is also said to be strong in the office furniture segment.

The company president estimates VIVERE’s share of the middle-high to upper market at 20%. “We serve our customers well through our nine retail outlets spread across Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali. There is one gift store that is newly opened in Jakarta. We are also supported by two partnerstores in Makassar and Pekanbaru. In the virtual sphere, we partner with several prominent online shops” said Rochimat.

When asked about the recipe for the group’s success, Rochimat remarked, “We are one of the largest interior, furniture, and furnishing companies in Indonesia offering quality products with competitive prices. Our company constantly carries out enhancement of production capacity and quality through investment in land, machineries and human resources, as well as the application of ISO quality management system and OHSAS occupational health and safety management system. There is standardization of operating system and documentation, alignment of the reporting system and integration of all input and output data into an application of information technology systems called SAP Business All-in- One”.

“With an experienced team and a professional system that have been around for more than 30 years in the business, VIVERE Group carefully manages and monitors every step of the process to ensure that our customers get the most rewarding experience when collaborating with the Group” he added.

Vivere Showroom


Not contend with the Indonesian market, the company is looking to expand its coverage through export. To achieve this, new products have been developed for the international markets. One of its biggest effort during the past few years has been its incorporation of rattan, a native resource available in abundance in parts of Indonesia, into its product design. Although a material often associated with traditional furniture which are outdated, VIVERE gave Rattan new life with a modern twist.

VIVERE started to explore designs with rattan material dedicated for export market back in 2011. The products were first shown at Indonesia International Furniture Expo (IFEX) in 2013. The effort continued during IFEX 2014 and finally in March 2015 at IFEX 2015, the company launched its hi-Craft rattan series called MATALA. This particular collection was designed by the late Mr Irvan Noe’man, a prominent Indonesian designer, exclusively for VIVERE.

Subsequently, several other established local designers were also roped in for the company’s modern rattan collection. The common theme that shows through the products can be summed up as modern, simple yet attractive designs that are different from other rattan designs now available on the market. Yet for every piece of work in VIVERE’s rattan products, there is this distinctive personality and different concept that reflects their designers responsible.

Rochimat said came up with the idea to develop modern designs with rattan materials. He identified a void in this segment and bounced the idea off the late Irvan Noe’man, who was at that time VIVERE’s design advisor. Noe’man was a creative activist and intellectual, who founded the BD+A Design that specializes in cross design. Noe’man embraced Rochimat’s idea wholeheartedly. Part of the credit goes to VIVERE’s in-house designers and production who also contributed extensively towards the overall development process according to the company president.

For its subsequent ranges, VIVERE collaborated with the ANJA design group and Abie Abdillah. Initiated by Rina Renville, an Indonesian professional designer, ANJA Design Group is made up of 6 friends, namely Febrie Ikhsan, Mutia Diah Pratiwi, Ilhamia Nuantika, Jodie Darmawan, and Arlinda Hapasawardhani. They are passionate about furniture. Abie Abdillah on the other hand is an Indonesian designer alumnus from ITB, a prominent university in Indonesia. A young and creative designer who won many accolades not only in Indonesia but also in Asia and Europe, Abdillah’s latest achievement was winning the “Rising Design Talents, Indonesia Delegation, Maison et Objet Asia” and “Most Potential Start Up Business, Shell Livewire Indonesia”.

VIVERE chose to work with these designers not only in consideration of their reputation and design styles but also for this similar vision and mission they share with VIVERE, which is to bring local furniture products with local material (rattan) and high quality design to the local and international markets. “By using rattan as the main material on our latest collections, VIVERE aims to raise the profile of rattan as a high quality, typical Indonesian material to become a considerable part of today’s modern residential and office furniture. It is also part of VIVERE’s effort to promote and present high quality local material, design and manufacturing”, said Rochimat. The modern rattan furniture range also meets VIVERE’s commitment towards innovative product development with an emphasis on going green.

The results of VIVERE collaborations with the various designers were featured at IFEX 2016. With the unique designs, the rattan products target not only residential but also the office segment as they can be used as lounge and office furniture. Public areas like the library and café are among others the company targets.

To support the products’ market penetration, the company has put in much effort in their promotion. “In addition to showcasing the products at IFEX, we have done marketing activities like inviting media and disseminating press releases. The collection are available at all VIVERE stores, including partner-stores. We are also doing publications and placing advertisements on some interior-related media, printed collaterals and through social media… One of the collections, MATALA, is being featured in an VIVERE video advertisement that is shown on Indonesian largest movie theatre chain XXI in April 2016”, commented the company president.

These efforts have certainly paid off for VIVERE. In terms of retail sales, the company has reported keen consumer interest and good sales for both homes and offices. For project sales, the rattan range also hit big numbers of sales. Most notable amongst the projects are its swivel chairs being used for the private meeting room of the current Indonesian President, Ir.Joko Widodo, as well as the bar stools in use at the library of a highly reputable university in Indonesia. Export numbers are said to be also looking good.

With a clear vision and the right strategy, VIVERE seems to be set on the path for yet greater success.