Talking Point  


NECC, HongQiao, Shanghai, China
7-10 September 2016

Brian Westman - Owner
Westman Agencies
West Midlands, England

“The market outlook in England is strong despite Brexit, I don’t think it will as big an issue as everyone expects but there are still a lot of uncertainties in the market, so just at the moment it is tough. But I’m pretty sure that things will come around. Obviously there’s the problem with the dollar rise at the moment, but I would imagine by next year it would settle down and I’m very optimistic.”

Mark Robertson - iQue Living

“I work as a consultant for clients in Australia. I am over here to do all the homework, and find the right furniture and companies to match with retailers in Australia. I see more fabric in the recent furniture trend and leather disappearing. Speaking from the Australian furniture market point of view, it’s going to be more about size, with more apartments being built, I think our homes are going to be slightly smaller therefore sofas and relative furniture will also need to be smaller.”

Nick Cancea

Kyoto Futons Holdings
United Kingdom

“We are a manufacturer and wholesaler of sofas and sofa beds. We traditionally buy from Malaysia and Europe. The trend now is in the contemporary line which is where I am at the moment. The furniture market outlook in England is mixed because of the situation rumoured at Brexit but generally speaking our company is progressing quite well and we are quite pleased at that.”

Turki Adel Khayat - Founder
Tak Imports
Saudi Arabia

“At Tak Imports, my natural work is importing furniture from China. I have an office in Guangzhou and Saudi Arabia. I travel to China often, and I like everything here. We also like to be here in China to establish great relationships with businesses here. Saudi Arabian furniture market is amazing, people go there for great business opportunities.”

Ziad Zoubair - President
Wood and Wood
Quebec, Canada

“Wood and Wood is a furniture design and manufacturing company. I’m here to look for suppliers of furniture or furniture parts for my company. In the Canadian furniture market, I always believe that there is room when you are different from your competitor. The market is not booming but in general it is not bad depending where you are in Canada. I can tell you that Toronto is doing well, while other parts are doing not as well. But in general it is not bad.”
Federico Levi - Partner, Manager
Sofa Center
Buenos Aires, Argentina

“My company sells sofas, tables and chairs made of aluminium, wood and different materials with multiple stores in Argentina. We are here to buy sofas, tables and chairs mainly. The furniture market in Argentina is growing, but I don’t think many young people are in the furniture business, which is a problem. With more furniture stores in Buenos Aires, people will think more about designing their houses, stimulating the market. We are here in China to look for different designs and bring diversity to our clients.”

Naveen Tewari
Bantus Interiors Pvt. Ltd.

“I am here to purchase furniture for my company. My company traditionally source solid wood classical furniture products from Indonesia, leather sofas from China, and other furniture from Malaysia to sell to retailers in India. India has a huge furniture market and if I am not wrong it is one of the biggest importers of furniture from China as cost of operations for quality furniture in China is much cheaper compared to India. China is a huge furniture manufacturing hub with many European companies building their manufacturing factories here and many are collaborating with local manufacturers as well.”

Sonia Maritan - Architect
Webandmagazine s.r.l.
Milano, Italy

“I am an architect and a technical journalist from Webandmagazine, Italy. I am here to find out more about the materials, the trends, and the innovations offered at this fair. So far I like what I am seeing.”

Chris Rousseau - Buyer

“I’m from a trading company, sourcing products that are innovative and modern for the french market. For the global market, smart furniture will probably be the most trendy in the next 10 years as the space in our homes are getting smaller and smaller.”

Tao Xi Xi - Designer
Rui Chi Designs
Shanghai, China

“I am a furniture designer. I am here to explore the designs here at CIFF and to find inspiration. This exhibition’s designs are good but personally, I prefer the exhibition designs in Guangzhou. For the Chinese furniture market, it is quite good in all sectors right now, but it depends on how you go about it.”


SNIEC, Pudong, Shanghai, China
8-11 September 2016

Alina Wang - Creative Director
Homeway Furnishing Studio
Wenzhou, China

“I’m a designer and I’m here to purchase furniture and decorations to be used in my future design projects. For this exhibition, I think the W5 design hall had many pleasant surprises. The modern Chinese furniture style is picking up in popularity. The brands that design this style are getting better and better, almost matching the popularity of contemporary style furniture.”

Dave Purba - President
Buyers Group Canada Inc.
Ontario, Canada

“I’m a buyer from Buyers Group Inc., a furniture distributor, buying from China and selling in Canada. So far, I’m liking what I see in the exhibition. The Canadian furniture market is seeing a new model becoming more popular. We used to buy more traditional furniture but we are slowly moving towards buying modern furniture.”

Pat Parkinson - Buyer
Sun City Furniture, River City Furniture
Kentucky, USA

“I am in the retail and wholesale business with Sun City Furniture and River City furniture. The United States furniture market is getting stronger, we’re coming out of a bad time so I’d say that things have been getting better since October of last year but we will see after the upcoming big election. The American furniture trend seems to be heading towards the style of American brand - Crate and Barrel.”

Shi Feng - Designer
Jiangxi, China

“I am a designer and I am here with a mindset to study and learn from the great designers. I liked the exhibition so far, but I love furniture with technology elements so I would have loved to see more furniture with this feature.”

Jin Qiao - Chief Designer
Sutrao International Decoration Design
Wenzhou, China

“I’m here to admire the designs at the exhibition. I really like the home furniture exhibits, especially the sofas and luxury furniture. The Chinese furniture market today is pretty good as the building and furniture sector are benefiting from the country’s rapid development.”
Aso Khidir - Director
Furniture Land Direct
East Yorkshire, England

“At Furniture Land Direct, we sell general furniture but TV stands and coffee tables are our main products. This exhibition brought me here, to see more furniture and purchase for my company. I am seeing a lot of basic furniture the UK market right now, unlike here in Furniture China where you can see so many different furniture designs. In the UK, basic furniture is the most popular.”

Lee Zhi Yong - Buyer
Woody Furniture
Johor Bahru, Malaysia

“Our company is in the manufacturing business, producing furniture products for Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Australia, South Africa and other countries. Although the facility is too large for my taste, the exhibition is pretty good. My favourite part of the exhibition would be the dining sets and living room sets.”

Ravi Ayyagari
Manager - Merchandise Control

Royal Furniture
Dubai, UAE

“I am from India, but my work is in Dubai. I am here to purchase furniture for a new store of my company, Royal Furniture. We already have 14 stores in Dubai, and this will be our 15th store. China is world famous for their furniture fairs where you get everything under one roof, that is the biggest advantage of coming here. The Dubai furniture market is a little sluggish right now, but it will definitely get better next year and we will be expecting a good response from the market.”

Moh Xing Hai - Buyer
Free Kingdom Children’s Furniture
Guangdong, China

“My company retails and trades children’s furniture so I’m more focused on children’s furniture at this exhibition but unfortunately there are not many for me to choose from. For the furniture trend, it seems like China’s furniture market is now leaning towards contemporary style and modern Chinese furniture style.”