Special Feature  


A new line of collection which will help you discover the richness of modernized Arts of Chiang Mai. A market-driven implementation of state-of-the-art ideas showcasing the incredible range of products from different urban and sustainable materials combined together in one brand.

MUDIITA team has explored Chiang Mai craft communities, curated and developed this line to bring out to the market an extravaganza of the simplicity in the true works of Arts. All the pieces come along with a spectacular story behind to nurture and value.

MUDIITA supports local craft entrepreneurs to revive the old world charms for today’s lifestyle in response to the modern need of the global market. MUDIITA’s collection is with the higher quality and innovative style to increase the marketing interest and potential to the modern world.


Chiang Mai is one of the ancient cities where culture and traditions are being preserved. Thais are noted with the gifted hands for arts. They invest their time in creating beautiful and detailed variety of arts and crafts. Proof of it can be found in Chiang Mai which is known to be the Asian hub for handicrafts.

Chiang Mai Design Week 2014 (CMDW) showcased the transformation of the largest and most culturally significant city in northern Thailand with the theme “Born Creative”.
Beyond a tourist destination, Chiang Mai is now also a fertile hotbed of creativity with endless possibilities for growth. Every December, the whole city comes alive with vibrant stories about design and the city, design and the society, and design and life through various activities:

DESIGN SHOWCASE - Latest collections by over 50 leading and emerging designers, exclusive for CMDW2014.

CREATIVE SPACE WORKSHOP - Hands-on learning with 26 top studios across Chiang Mai.

CITY INSTALLATION & TOUR - Create a new interaction between people and the city via diverse arts. And explore Chiang Mai’s creative districts on bike and coffee tour.

BUSINESS PROGRAMME - Build business connection and check out creative products from over 100 shops.

CREATIVE DIALOGUE - Exchange fresh ideas with prominent local and international creators.

CMDW2014 successfully linked architecture, product design, fashion, graphic design, art, and other creative fields with local communities, educational institutions, international organizations, state and private agencies. The annual festival seeks to accentuate the city’s unique flavors and stimulate growth in the local creative industries.

CMDW is an initiative of the Department of International Promotion (DITP) to support Chiangmai’s efforts to develop products for the world market using its heritage, natural and sustainable products.