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World Outlook

The Unexpected Surge : Furniture Sales Soar, Design Becomes Central

Thanks to the CSIL 2018 Forecasting Seminar, which was held in Milan in November 2017, we can see the
situation of the furniture market in the world, with a quick excursus towards Europe and Asia Pacific.

Country Report

Bulgarian Woodworking and Furniture Industry – A Snapshot

Bulgarian Branch Chamber of Woodworking and Furniture Industry / BBCWFI / is a voluntary non-profit association whose mission is to protect and represent the interests of its members and the industry. BCWFI is the only official representative of employers in the Furniture, Woodworking,


Jack of Many Trades, Master of All – Tobia Repossi

Tobia Repossi straddles Europe and Asia for work without batting an eyelash, as he does the many design portfolios he manages, heading TR & Partners.

Market Outlook

Global Insights - Perspectives from head honchos of the furniture industry

Instead of getting some geomancer or fengshui master read the fortunes of the furniture trade for the new year (a popular practice with some Chinese), we got hold of 10 head honchos of companies and industry organisations to give their take on 2018.

Market Outlook

Asia’s Furniture Industry Outlook: Status and Market Prospects

The value of the global furniture market is estimated at around US$430 billion – depending who you talk to. I like to quote CSIL in Milan as an authority.

Special Feature

Asia’s Top Furniture Fairs Highlight

As the centre of world furniture production and export, the Asian region hosts many important furniture trade shows. Most shows are dominated by their local producers thus each reflecting the unique character and offerings of the country or region.