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City Furniture Prevents Identity Theft With Intellicheck’s Retail ID Mobile

NEW YORK, USA: City Furniture is protecting customers and non-customers alike from the damaging impact of identity theft with a cutting-edge technology solution now in place at their twenty-nine locations across Florida including their newly unveiled showroom and warehouse at Ocoee. Anyone attempting to use a fraudulent ID to make a purchase or open an account will be unsuccessful because of the deployment of Intellicheck’s fraud fighting app, Retail ID Mobile™. This state-of-the-art technology solution provides real-time customer identification authentication that prevents fraud, while providing a seamless customer experience.

Retail ID Mobile is deployed on iPads that City Furniture store associates use for day-to-day operations. The technology solution is preventing fraud associated with criminals using consumer’s stolen identities to open new credit accounts or to use fraudulently obtained credit and debit cards to make large purchases.

“City Furniture has always been proud of the commitment it has made to the communities that are home to our retail locations across the state. We can think of no better way to demonstrate that commitment than to protect the identities of the citizens of those communities, whether they are our clients or not. Millions of Americans have their identities stolen at every type of retailer each day, including furniture stores. We are putting a stop to it happening at City Furniture with Retail ID Mobile. With this tool, criminals can no longer use stolen identification information to make fraudulent transactions that result in devastating financial harm to the victims of these crimes,” said Vice President of Sales Garry Ikola.

“City Furniture is making an impressive commitment to the communities that it calls home across the state of Florida. At a time when identity fraud is at an all-time high, City Furniture is making it clear fraudsters will not be able to exploit their victims in any City Furniture store. Consumers seek retailers who will give them a secure, engaging shopping experience. City Furniture is doing just that with Retail ID Mobile,” said Intellicheck CEO Bryan Lewis.

Retail ID Mobile provides businesses with a superior level of transaction and new account fraud protection. The cutting-edge app addresses consumer concerns over payment security and identity fraud, while delivering a frictionless customer experience. Quickly and easily implemented, Retail ID Mobile supplies real-time identification authentication that is 99.9% effective and eliminates the need for point-of-sale system integration. It does away with tedious customer delays, while allowing retailers to realize the benefits of fraud prevention instantly and affordably.

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