EDIMASS – Every Detail Inspired and Made through the Art of Science and Silence

The iconic Barceiona Chair

It all started with the upholstery for the iconic Barcelona chair of Mies van de Rohe and continues today with product lines whose names speak of comfort, style and vision.

The Edimass brand is synonymous with Modern Classic furniture of the highest quality. The brand belongs to Guangzhou Ganfu Furniture and was established in 2002, aiming at using technological advancements to create a new approach in manufacturing. This new method sought to improve quality and savings in the production process.

Eames Bent Plywood Chair & Coffee Table

With the installation of new high tech equipment, Edimass management, led by president and CEO Horace Pu, believes will help free employees to develop their skills in other creative areas and to keep up with market competition. Hence, the company motto: “Every details is made with Science and Silence.” (Science referring to state-of-the art techniques and silence meaning people now have more time for study and R&D, with only the machines creating the noise in the shop floor.)

Horace Pu & Lorna, Founders of EDIMASS

“Our workers are very versatile,” says sales manager Sam Xu.” Currently, Edimass has a total strength of 800 working on the production floor.

In more recent years, the company also embarked on an exercise to introduce original designs while maintaining its dominance in Modern Classic design and the high quality standards. The effort is reaping results.

Materials for production, Xu adds, are sourced from all over the world including solid wood from the US and Canada, leather from Italy and fabrics from Europe.

Shanghai Atour Hotel (Hotel Commercial Project) by Edimass

The design team is composed of three in-house professionals and the external design team of Sean Dix, who also happens to be Edimass art director. Edimass and the internationally recognized Dix have worked closely together since 2009 to produce for a number of his commissions, which find their way to F&B outlets, shopping malls, cinemas, corporate offices and the like.

From the Edimass drafting tables, around 20 to 30 products take some three months to see the light of reality in a year. Discussion and debate among design team members is very much a part of the creative process. Sometimes, even customers, who have shown interest in the product being crafted, are asked to try the prototype and share their comments after use.

Production is spread out among the company’s three factories all located in Zhongluo Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China. Factory space comprises around 60,000 sq. meters. On the average, they are able to fill 150 orders a month that can fit one 40 GP, around 57CMB.

Edimass exports to practically every major market in the world including South Africa and South America. In the region, Japan is a regular client. Roughly, 75 percent of production is earmarked for export sales and 25 percent is allocated to domestic sales.

Management expects export figures to rise even higher in the future “as the potential markets around the world develop.” To meet increased demand, they are “targeting volume production, still guaranteeing quality but at cheaper prices.”
Says sales manager Xu: “That’s definitely going to attract more customers.”

Besides quality and durability, Edimass tries hard to deliver on its service promises that include a wide choice of different materials, finishings and color options, quick delivery within 35 to 40 days, a mixed container with two or three sets and if the customer requests, Edimass stocks their order, allowing them to use the company’s warehouses for a few months.

Eames Rocking Chair with upgraded Fiberglass Seat

The clientele base is wide and consists of wholesalers, distributors, retailers, department stores and internet marketing platforms. Edimass executives religiously attend important trade fairs and this year, the decision has been taken to invest in more advertising, particularly in social media such as Facebook and high-profile electronic media such as Furniture Furnishings Export International.

To further extend its marketing reach Edimass has set up an international sales office in Singapore to better service the its overseas customers. Head of International Sales, Faisal Alsagoff states, “Our overseas focus for this coming year is on original design. Led by our world renowned design director Sean Dix we will be rolling out new programs with franchise stores and the appointment of major resellers. We will also increase our rollout of new original products.”

Edimass product range is extensive. Few manufacturers has the ability to furnish an entire furniture store from the living room to the bedroom. This capability allows to roll out franchised showrooms. Sam Xu says,”We now have franchised showrooms in Singapore and we are now rolling out for Malaysia and Taiwan. We welcome enquiries and interests from around the world.”

The benefits for franchisees are ready stock, minimum order quantity of 1, marketing support and product warranties. This makes the initial investment for franchisees and resellers very low and attractive.
There is a company attempting to bring prestige to the label “Made in China.” And that company is Edimass.

Eames Booth No. E6E01, Furniture China 2018

In addition, Ashley wows clients with constant service support that is readily available via an on-line intranet site that provides them with the status of inventory, product information, images and marketing material. The company may be growing bigger, but no matter where a retailer/ Homestore is located, it’s still one Ashley and will always remain so.

Eager to grasp the business bull by the horns, Ashley’s goal for the next five to 10 years is simple and clear – grow the number of retailers and in-house branded retail shops Ashley HomeStores across the world. So, expect to see more of its mandarin orange roof logo in regions such as the Asia-Pacific and China.

To help make that leap forward, Ashley intends to invest in and work with technology, rather see it as a threat – particularly from all aspects such as digital robotics and IOT combined with BI (Business Intelligence) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies – to its operations and over-all way of managing the business. It vows to embrace new learnings and make them work for the company.

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