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Homepro In Thailand Launches High Contrast Furniture For The Visually Impaired

HomePro in Thailand, working with BBDO Bangkok, has launched a line of furniture created to help the visually impaired.

When developing furniture for people with a vision impairment, BBDO found that 90% of all the furniture in the world uses similar color shades in their components, resulting in very low color contrast in each piece. For people with lower visual ability, the furniture just blends into the environment and thus becomes unrecognizable.

The 7:1 Furniture Collection is named aptly as it uses a 7:1 color contrast ratio; a contrast level that makes an object most accessible to people with a visual disability. BBDO used an international vision enhancement method by W3C organization, which makes content or object visible at Level AAA standard (the highest level of visibility).

In addition to the color contrast, a specially-designed outline system
was developed to provide the furniture with a particular shape that identifies the function to its user. Combined with color-contrast design, the design system brings what was barely visible back into full vision.

7:1 Furniture Collection visually erases impairment at home for the visualimpaired, while still appealing to people with normal vision, allowing everyone to be living fully in their own home.


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