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Indian Startup WoodenStreet Thrives On O2O Model

Indian furniture startup WoodenStreet is targeting 15 additional experience stores in the territory by the end of the year.

The firm, which specialises in customisable furnishings, currently operates 12 locations throughout India as well as more than 30 delivery hubs.

“Our country is a diverse nation,” said the firm’s CEO Lokendra Ranawat, “which means that no two homes are the same. Our design tastes are influenced by our upbringing and our culture, so why should we be forced to buy furniture that does not match them? We want people to be free from such constraints.

“Our customisation facility makes it easy for them to finally get the type of furniture which they’ve always wanted.”

WoodenStreet successfully raised USD1 million in capital in its first round of funding from RVCF.

(Inside Retail Asia)

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