The Age of Stone

Paola Govoni (CSIL – Centre for Industrial Studies – Milan, Italy) reports on the increasing presence of marble and natural stone in our living spaces

Brushed Picasso Brown countertop, brushed Crema Nuova kitchen sink, polished, inlaid Botticino Semiclassico, Monaco Light and Giallo d’Oriente floor from Margraf

According to a recent survey commissioned by Marmomac, a global event dedicated to marble, granite, processing technologies and applied design annually held in Verona (Italy), there is an increasingly widespread trend to use natural stone and marble in design projects, both for residential and non-residential destinations, both indoor and outdoor.

In particular, 88% of the interviewed architects who have been visiting the fair in September declared, that natural stone and marble would be definitely present in their future projects.

Technology proves to be a precious ally for architects and designers, since advanced processing technologies strongly enhance innovation and allow for highly creative possibilities in a wide variety of types, colours, thicknesses and finishes, giving rise to unprecedented shapes and applications in furniture and furnishings for our living landscape.

Polished Emperador Dark from Margraf is the perfect choice for a classic or a country-style kitchen

During Salone del Mobile.Milan in April 2018, the company ‘Smania Industria Italiana Mobili’ with headquarters near Venice presented Giselle, a smart table with a particular woven structure in golden steel and a precious hard stone top made of Labradorite and Tiger’s eye. Labradorite is a mineral discovered in 1780 in Canada’s Labrador peninsula. It is a mineral with extraordinary optical effect looking like a sparkle of flashes of blue, purple, green, yellow and orange, with shimmering and multicolored reflections. Traditionally, this stone stimulates
the intuitive and creative abilities and can draw new energies. The Tiger’s eye is a quartz crystal with beautiful bands of golden yellow and beautiful lighting effects, able to convey the energy and with renowned healing properties.

Kitchen is a place where people meet and share, it’s a balance of functionality, technology, and design and a room requiring higly performing and exclusive materials.

Also in the kitchen, marble proves to be hygienic and easy to clean; it allows multiple applications, from the countertop to the sink, from the shelves to the floor. For all these characteristics, marble is being increasingly used by architects around the world in developing luxury residential complexes and villas as well as private homes, where kitchens play a primary role.

With their unique veins and shades of colour, marbles from the Italian company ‘Margraf’ with headquarters near Vicenza, are distinctive and capable to create unique settings.

The company offers a broad range of marbles for almost unlimited customisation options for contemporary or classic kitchens. Polished Nero Belgio or polished Giada White can give that special touch to a minimal and urban kitchen, while polished Bianco Statuario or polished Emperador Dark are the perfect choice for a more classic or country-style design. Brushed Picasso Brown countertop and brushed Crema Nuova kitchen sink create a truly unique ambience.

Table top made of polished Giada White from Margraf
Green Agate natural stone from Antolini enriches the living room
Elegance in the bathroom with marbles from Elite Stone

Green Agate form the Italian company Antolini with headquartes near Verona is the choice material of a living room with strong contemporary accents, where the double-height architecture creates interesting spatial perspectives.

The beauty of the natural stone contributes to creating the strong personality of this environment, establishing a balance between exuberance and minimalism, luxury and simplicity. In the living room in ice white shades, the richness of the wall in Green Agate – characterized by iridescent bright greens, blues, purple and greys, in different tones – contrasts with the formal essentiality of the ambience. The iridescent effect of the wall of this Antolini material further evokes crystalline waters and uncontaminated spaces, creating an atmosphere of wellness and aesthetic pleasure.

A marble quarry. Where it all begins…. Courtesy Elite Stone

In Green Agate, the infinite shades of colours come together, returning to an era of magic and mystery, while the powerful refractions create a unique alchemy that surrounds and harmonizes the environment.

Marble brings luxury and brightness in the hospitality area. Sumptuous and elegant, the hall of a refined hotel is enhanced by Natural Agate Antolini inserts underscoring the spaciousness of the environment with backlit vertical elements.

The thrust of the volume’s height allows dialogue between natural stone and reflective surfaces, while overall neutral, homogenous tones help create a soft-spoken scenario benefitting from the chromatic richness of Natural Agate. The warm shades of the stone help suggest a sense of hospitality and comfort, creating a contemporary atmosphere that invites guests to enjoy a relaxing moment. Elegance and brightness are the stylistic figures of this space, to which Natural Agate stone lends a touch of elegance and vibrant colour.

Essence of beauty, Natural Agate symbolizes the wonder of connecting directly with nature and its vital energy. This material seems to have captured the sounds, colours, scents and the most beautiful landscapes to reflect them in its beautiful patterns. There is a timeless elegance in the calmness of the shades, the candour of the reflections, in the balance of the Natural Agate’s forms.

E-light System from Elite Stone for the Mariinskiy Theatre in Saint Petersburg
Natural Agate stone from Antolini for a sophisticated hotel hall

A new approach to the beauty of marble and an unprecedented enhancement of this material has been presented by Elite Stone with headquarters near Verona. The innovative and sophisticated patented E-Light System arises from the perfect combination of nature and human creativity. This Italian product designed by Elite Stone is the result of research that required over ten years to be completed. It is realized in form of panels made from thin sheets of marble and onyx layered on LED lights embedded in transparent glass.

A masterpiece of technical engineering able to control the matter – light and marble – and to create a perfect synthesis resulting in pure aesthetic beauty. Fittings like kitchens, cabinet doors, internal doors and front doors are exalted by the harmony of ‘lightened’ backlit marble, creating a delicate, embracing atmosphere, rich in inspiration.

E-light System perfectly suits for large communal spaces like hotel lounges, restaurants, concert halls, cinemas and theatres. Elite Stone realized an impressive project for Mariinskiy Theatre in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

A space where marble is a guest star: Private Villa UK, a splendid London house, icon of designer style and luxury, furnished with valuable works of art designed by Elite Stone. A heritage of taste and culture comes to life in this place, boasting unique pieces of Italian craftsmanship: the majestic fireplace which is the focal point of the living area, the kitchen island in Taj Mahal quartzite, the imposing Palissandro Classico and Port Laurent marble spiral staircase.

The sophisticated bathroom with its classical bathtub in white marble is evocative: the Calacatta Borghini Imperiale book-matched marble walls turn into a prestigious picture of pure natural beauty and the Cremo Delicato marble floor is finished with fine wood and brass inlays. Solutions are full of stylish details which depict the quintessence of the most innovative processing of masters of stone. Prestigious marbles coming from valuable quarries, chosen personally by Elite Stone’s CEO Tetyana Kovalenko, turned out into a luxury furnishing dream within an amazing design concept.

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