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Cafa 22nd Annual General Meeting Held, Mr. Xu Xiangnan Re-Elected As Chairman Of Cafa

Guests reportedly include: Chairman of CAFA, President of CNFA, Mr.Xu Xiangnan, Vice Chairman & Secretary General of CAFA, Vice President of CNFA, Advisor of CAFA, Ms. Koh Sok Yan, Advisor of CAFA, Dr. Casey Loo, Vice Chairman of APFEA, Mr. Farrukh Saeed Ansari, Executive Chairman of APFMA, Mr. Ali Ansar Ghumman, President of MFIA, Mr. Kyaw Kyaw Win, Chairlady of HKF&DA, Ms. May Leung, President of TFCC, Mr. Chen Tai-Liang, Vice President of SFA, Mr. Paul Keng, Secretary General of MFC, Mr. Albert Khoo, Secretary General of HIMKI, Mr.Abdul Sobur, Secretary General of JEAFTI, Mr. Nagashima Takayoshi, Vice Chairman of Row Materials and Supporting Division of ASMINDO, Mr. Laurentius Liem, Vice President of CFIP, Mr.Emmanuel Padiernos, Director and Treasurer of TFA, Mr. Maitri Prasertchang, Member of board of NCFDC, Mr. Bijan Shiri, Sale Director of HAWA, Ms. Duong Thi Minh Tue, CEO of SUNMORE, Mr. Arimura Yoshihito, Chairman of Free Kingdom, Mr.Gu Jianxia, Director of International Cooperation Department of CNFA, Ms. Zhang Ting, other guests from Asian countries and regions.

On March 16, 2019, CAFA 22nd Annual General Meeting was held in Longjiang, Guangdong, China. The meeting voted unanimously that the CNFA would continue its CAFA chairmanship. Mr. Xu Xiangnan, President of the CNFA, would continue to serve as the Chairman of CAFA. The meeting was hosted by CAFA and CNFA, organized by People’s Government of Longjiang Town, Shunde District.

Chairman of CAFA, President of CNFA, Mr. Xu Xiangnan

At the meeting, Mr. Xu Xiangnan, Chairman of CAFA and President of CNFA, expressed his gratitude to the members of various countries for their trust in CNFA and said he was honored to continue to serve as CAFA chairman. He reviewed the main work carried out by the China Secretariat in the past four years and made several suggestions for the future work of the CAFA: Firstly, participating in the work of the World Furniture Confederation and work together to develop the Asian furniture industry; Secondly, making use of exhibition as a platform to promote the integration of industry development; Thirdly, building a bridge for cooperation and development and effectively improve the level of cooperation; Fourthly, strengthening information sharing and promotion works; Fifthly, improving the standardization of furniture in Asian countries to make Asian standards play a greater role in the world.

Vice Chairman & Secretary General of CAFA, Vice President of CNFA, Ms. Linda Tu

Vice Chairman & Secretary general of CAFA, Vice President of CNFA, Ms. Linda Tu made a Secretariat report and pointed out that as CAFA Secretariat, CNFA had done a lot of works in the past four years. Include: attracting more CAFA members, the number of which reached 21; holding six CAFA Directors’ Meetings and two Work Meetings (Dongguan, Xianghe, Chengdu); holding three CAFA Annual General Meetings (19th ,20th, ,21st) in Longjiang and Tehra; holding the 1st and 2nd Asian Furniture Development Forum in Shanghai; holding the Asian Furniture Development and Cooperation Summit from 2016 to 2018; holding the summit and Asia Forum in Nanning and Shenzhen; hosting the First and the Second Asia International Furniture Exhibition (Nanning); holding the World Furniture Forum in Shanghai. CNFA has built a cooperation platform to connet Asia with the whole world and strived to improve the cooperation among Chinese furniture industry and furniture industries of various Asian countries.

Advisor of CAFA, Ms. Koh Sok Yan
Advisor of CAFA, Dr. Casey Loo

The Council Members summarized the main achievements of CAFA in the past four years and put forward suggestions for future development.

Chairman Xu Xiangnan appointed the new CAFA council members. Ms. Linda Tu, Vice President of CNFA, was appointed as Vice Chairman and Secretary General of CAFA. Mr. Jirawat Tangkijngamwong, Vice President of TFA and Mr. Paul Keng, Vice President of SFA, were appointed as Vice Chairman. Ms. Koh Sok Yan and Dr. Casey Loo were appointed as Advisors.

The meeting shared basic information of HAWA, Shenzhen Furniture Association and Free Kingdom Company Ltd.

Members of CAFA shared information and latest developments of their furniture industries. All CAFA members expressed their will that the council should extend its term so that more sustainable works could be realized. It is expected that with China as a leader, Asian furniture industries could develop better in the international market and achieve greater success.

The meeting reviewed key works of CAFA in the past four years, determined the new chairmanship, chairman and council members and discussed the future plans of CAFA. It has improved CAFA’s influence on the world furniture industry as well as the entire Asian furniture industry.

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